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Apptastic is a performance based user acquisition platform which connected to direct in-app traffic sources. Our core value is to deliver the best result to our clients.

We shape our promotion strategy by eliminating frustrations and obstacles for our partners to create unparalleled levels of campaign efficiency.

Apptastic commitment: to offer the perfect balance between positive communication space for brands, rewarding remuneration for publishers, and respect for the user experience.

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Grow your mobile business with real and engaged users
Maximize the opportunities of your app
Advanced real-time data analysis and predictive technology
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Our core markets
Apptastic is active in more than 45 countries.
Our top geos are USA, UK, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, South East Asia, Russia, Middle East and many more.

Acquire more quality users

Enjoy our wide range of direct traffic sources and pay for performance only
Set up KPIs fitting YOUR app and optimize your mobile ads
Experience our detailed targeting in order to reach YOUR audience
Why Apptastic?

Trust the entire process of media planning and buying for your app to the most experienced professionals of the performance marketing industry

User Aquisition

Enjoy tailored targeting features including: city targeting, gender targeting, category targeting and many more to help you acquire the user audience that suits you the most

Precise targeting

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